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Safety and Security

Travelling Safely

Over two million journeys are made on our MRT network daily. Our aim is to provide a safe, reliable and comfortable journeys to all our commuters.

Your safety is our top priority and we spare no effort in ensuring the safe operation of our services. You, too, can play your part in making each trip safer and more enjoyable.

Safety on Escalators and Stairs
  • Please use the lift if you have limited physical abilities or mobility, are carrying bulky items, pushing prams/strollers, or feeling unwell. 
  • Elderly commuters are encouraged to take the lift instead of escalators.
  • Do not rush. 
  • Check the direction of the escalator before you step on, and be aware of the landing as you approach it. 
  • Check for loose shoelaces, long gowns / dresses or anything that can be trapped in the moving parts of the escalator before stepping on it. 
  • Watch your step, and always hold on to the handrails of stairs and escalators. 
  • Please refrain from using mobile devices or tablets while riding the escalator. 
  • Stay clear of the edges where the steps meet and the sides of the escalator to prevent your feet or clothing from getting caught. 
  • When riding the escalators with children, hold the child’s hand and do not leave them unsupervised. 
  • Do not block the escalator landing.

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Safety at the Station Platform
  • When the train doors open, please stand within the queue lines and allow passengers to alight before boarding.
  • Do not rush to board the train when train doors are closing. Do listen out for door closing chimes and announcements.
  • When boarding and alighting the trains, please mind the platform gap.
  • Do not run at the platform.
  • Do not lean against the platform screen doors.
  • We make every effort to ensure the floors are clean and dry. If you do spot a wet area, please alert our station staff.
  • During wet weather, exercise care and caution as floors may be slippery.
  • Our station platforms have tactile ground surface indicators to guide the visually impaired. If you require any assistance, please approach our staff.
  • Only articles (personal luggages, foldable bicycles / personal mobility devices) not exceeding 120 x 70 x 40 cm are allowed in our MRT network.
  • Foldable bicycles should be folded at all times. Commuters with personal mobility devices / foldable bicycles are encouraged to board via the first and last train car.
  • The wheelchair-accessible train car is located at the middle of the train.
  • Commuters are encouraged to give up his/her seat to those in need such as the elderly, pregnant women, young children and people with disabilities.

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During an Emergency

Detrainment 1 Re1

In the event of an emergency, please stay calm, listen to the PA announcements and follow the instructions given by our staff. Our staff will be there to provide assistance. Additionally, we seek your kind assistance to give way to children, pregnant women, the elderly as well as commuters with disabilities.

In the event of an emergency like a fire or an explosion, the fare gates will be opened to facilitate evacuation. Commuters should depart the station through the designated exits and avoid congested areas and stations.

Click here to find out more about emergency evacuation on board trains.

Safety Equipment in Stations and on Trains
Fire Extinguisher

Located at various locations in the station and at the end of each train cars.Report any fire to our station staff immediately.
Emergency Stop Button for Escalators

Located at escalator landings. For some escalators, it is also located at the mid-way incline section of the escalator. In an emergency, press the button to stop the escalator.
Emergency Stop Plunger

Located on a wall or pillar at the station platform. Press the plunger to stop an approaching train from entering the station. If the train is at the platform, it will be prevented from moving off.
Emergency Telephone

Located at the station platform. Use it to communicate with our station staff at the Passenger Service Centre during an emergency.
Emergency Communication Button

Located beside alternate train doors. Press the button to communicate with our staff. Once activated, if the train is at the platform, it will be prevented from moving off. If the train is in motion, it will come to a stop at the next station.
Emergency Detrainment Ramp 

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Located at both ends of the train (for the North-South and East-Lines, the ramp can be accessed via the Train Captain’s cabin). In an emergency, activate the ramp to evacuate.


* Trains on the Bukit Panjang LRT line do not have detrainment ramps. During an emergency, a door will be opened by our staff for evacuation.

Security Information When Taking the MRT

To safeguard our security and way of life, everyone has to play a part.

Apart from the continual efforts to enhance our security system and physical protective control, SMRT maintains a constant state of preparedness through regular internal and external exercises with various government agencies.

We Need Your Help

With millions of passengers passing through SMRT train network every day, we would need your assistance to look out for suspicious activities. Together, we can make every ride a safe journey!

If you see any suspicious looking package/item, please report it immediately to our station staff.

For more information, you may refer to Singapore Police Force’s security guidelines on identifying suspicious items/persons.

In the event of an incident or terror attack, you may follow the following guidelines.

S.A.F.E Guidelines
  1. Stay calm and seek assistance from staff through the emergency communication button
  2. Assist others as you make your way to the nearest emergency exit
  3. Follow instructions provided by relevant staff
  4. Exit in an orderly manner

Visit SG Secure’s website for more information [SG Secure]

Security Efforts in Our Network

You may encounter TransCom Police Officers and Certis Cisco Transit Security Officers in our stations and on board trains. These security personnel help to keep our rail network safe by conducting bag checks, station patrols and staying vigilant to the station surroundings.

Do not be alarmed if you are being stopped by the Police or Transit Security Officers at the station– they are doing their part in keeping our train network safe and secure. When approached, please extend your full cooperation to the officers.


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